We offer a range of Clinical Neuropsychology and related services. Our services include testing and contributing to diagnosis, and interventions to reduce distress and impairment associated with neurological conditions. We work with issues like:

  • cognitive impairment of unknown cause
  • traumatic brain injury
  • stroke
  • multiple sclerosis
  • epilepsy and seizures
  • dementias
  • adjustment to change
  • emotional issues
  • fatigue
  • behavioural changes
  • carer stress

Our focus is to increase the understanding, whether of individuals, staff teams or families, of the causes and implications of cognitive change in order to help people manage, cope and make informed choices. A diagnosis is of little help if it doesn't facilitate greater understanding of the difficulties in question. In a situation in which investigations are so important, it's vital that the individual and their loved ones remain at the centre of the process. We work to ensure that client’s' wishes, needs and questions, are not lost.

Diagnosis and Neuropsychological Testing

Getting cognitive problems in areas like memory, problems solving, language, visual perception and/or attention, can be challenging, upsetting and bewildering. Cognitive problems can be consequences of a neurological conditions like dementia or stroke but are also commonly caused by depressed or anxious moods, trauma, pain or fatigue. Therefore, it can be challenging to establish what exactly is underlying some of the person's difficulties. Even when it is clear that a neurological condition is the cause of the problems, it is often important to establish exactly what type of condition it is, as this can affect subsequent treatment and the way in which the condition is likely to develop.

Clinical Neuropsychologists are skilled in the use of tests of cognitive abilities to establish patterns of strength and weakness that can often help determine a correct diagnosis, especially in conjunction with scan results (e.g. MRI, SPECT). Furthermore, they are skilled in supporting individuals and families throughout this process and beyond.

Understanding and Management of Problems

Even when the cause of problems with someone's brain functioning is well understood, learning to live with these problems is often not easy. Neurological conditions can bring considerable change to someone’s daily life, to families and to other loved ones. Major life events like illness, brain injury or change to oneself can really challenge identity and coping methods.

Neuropsychological testing of people’s abilities can facilitate understanding of their problems and how they might be best managed. Properly interpreted test results can inform strategies to help people cope in their daily lives.

When testing is not warranted, professional support around coping and increasing understanding of what might be happening can nevertheless make an enormous difference to people's quality of life. Sometimes individual therapy is warranted for the individual experiencing cognitive issues, or for their family members, for example to adjust or make sense of changes, or deal with emotional issues.

We take referrals from individuals, health and legal professionals and case managers. If you are in doubt as to whether Clinical Neuropsychology would be useful, please contact us with queries.